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For Patients

We are so glad you chose to use our services! If you have never had a root canal before, we know that you probably have some questions or concerns about the procedure. The following information is designed to help walk you through the process and make your visit as comfortable and pleasant an experience as possible. Here is what you can expect:

First class treatment! As soon as you arrive, we will offer you the choice of juice, coffee or tea.

Once seated, we will ask you a little bit about the history of your tooth/teeth.

We will get as much information about your situation as possible. This is part of the "road map" we will work from to determine the exact nature of the problem and obtain a clear and accurate diagnosis.

We will perform a few simple diagnostic/clinical tests on the tooth. A digital radiographic image (about 75% less radiation than traditional x-rays) will be taken that will show up on our computer screen almost immediately. We will then show it to you and go over it with you.

During this time, please ask any questions you may have that we may not already have answered. We want you to be educated in this process. The more you know about your tooth and the procedure, the more comfortable you will be with having it done.

Once a diagnosis is established, we will go over the cost of the treatment with you. There are a number of flexible options that can be used with regard to payment. If you have dental insurance, we will also let you know at that time the approximate portion it will cover.

Once you are numb, the procedure is much like having a filling done. The only exception to this rule is if your tooth has been symptomatic for an extended period of time. In those cases, it is more difficult to get the tooth numb. But we will add as much anesthetic as safely possilbe to acheive this, so don't worry!. We place a dental dam on every patient to ensure that nothing we clean out of the tooth goes into the airway, and to keep the area isolated during the procedure. The only thing exposed will be the tooth we are working on. There is still plenty of breathing and swallowing space. We have massage chairs and comfy neck pillows to help you relax.

Once the inside of the tooth has been cleaned out, we will fill it with either a special medication called calcium hydroxide or a permanent filling called gutta percha. your tooth will determine whether we need to see you more than one time or not, depending on how much infection is in the tooth. Generally, we can complete the visit in one single appointment by using our surgical operating microscope. If we do need to get you back again, a great deal of the work is already accomplished during the first visit. Completion is generally quicker the second visit.

One important thing to note is whether or not you are able to take NSAIDS. These are non steroidal anti inflalmmatory drugs such as aspirin, Advil, Aleve and ibuprofen. These drugs are the key to a comfortable recovery after your procedure. It is recommended that you start taking an anti inflammatory even before the anesthetic (numbness) wears off. The reason for this is because it is much easier to manage the symptoms before they get too uncomfortable than it is when you have full blown discomfort. Your tooth does not know we are trying to help it, and it may decide to flare up. The NSAIDS can dramatically reduce the chances of this happening. If your physician has told you that you cannot take these types of drugs, let us know and we willl tell you what the alternatives are. We will instruct you as to how much to take and how often after your procedure.

The entire procedure takes approximately one hour. We will call you the next day to check on you but if you have any concerns or questions in the meantime, please call us! Once again, thank you for chosing us, we look forward to meeting you soon!

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