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Patient / Doctor Testimonials

"It was the first time I came out ot the dentist's office without a lot of pain associated with my visit. Thank you for the excellent care!" ~ W.J.
"I had a fear of the dentist most of my life and Dr. Mickel took that fear away." ~ D.B.
"The office staff and atmosphere was excellent." N.B. Jr.
"Dr. Mickel and his staff made a stressful experience almost enjoyable. Dr. Mickel has a personality that puts a patient at ease right away. I loved the way he just kept talking to me throughout the entire procedure." ~J.D
"Your offce and staff services have demonstrated exceptional care to our patients~ thank you and much appreciation and gratitude to you all." ~ Dr. D.
"We always hear positive, nice comments on Dr. Mickel and his staff. Patients state that Dr. Mickel is very caring, calms their fears and puts them at ease during the procedure." ~ Dr. A.Y
"To most people, going for a root canal is the equilivant of an IRS tax audit. But God blesses those who are given the priviledge of visiting Dr. Mickel for the procedure." ~ D.K.
"Dr. Mickel makes the patient feel comfortable and makes me look good for referring them." ~ Dr. H.J

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